Boredom and the shape of time

The Cut magazine has a recurring feature called I Think About This A Lot, devoted to those pop-culture moments that writers have on repeat in their head, such as George Lucas' cameo in The O.C., or Elle Woods' restaurant meltdown in Legally Blonde. I have a lot of these, but one that's been chugging around my brain recently is the …

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The season of change

Change is magical.  Metamorphosis, alchemy, transmutation; words that conjure ritual and pagan lore, golden crucibles, and half-hairy limbs contorted.  Perhaps that’s why so many of us feel drawn to autumn, a flame-coloured season forged by nature’s relentless cycle of change. We become eager, greedy spectators, watching the leaves turn russet and fall in photogenic heaps …

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Here Comes the Rain Again: A tale of my first ultra

We had been watching the weather all week, sending each other screenshots and comparing forecasters; as though the most favourable prediction would also be the most accurate. "BBC Weather says there's a 95% chance of rain until midday and winds of 46mph. But the Met Office thinks it's going to clear up at 10am, and …

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