Hello, London Marathon

So, it seems that my prospects of doing a marathon have gone from wishful-but-apprehensive thinking to actual reality. Thanks to a tremendously thoughtful (but somewhat risky) Christmas present from my other half, a place in the 2017  London Marathon is mine. Which means I've had to get serious about training. No more of this "run as much …

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The pull-up challenge

September, with the end of summer and beginning-of-term vibe, is rapidly being acknowledged as the best time of year to set new goals - much better than cold, dreary January when your self-discipline is shot and all you want to do is drink large mugs of tea with full fat milk and heavily buttered crumpets. …

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Injury: A lesson or five

Until recently, being injured was, to me, a little like marriage - something scary that happened to other people, but that would probably catch up with me one day. Unfortunately, stepping up my running about 10 months ago revealed some flaws in my form - namely that my right-hand glutes are embarrassingly lazy, and can't be bothered to properly …

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